TJK Homepage 3.0 Has Arrived

TJK Homepage 3.0

Since July, anyone trying to access my online portfolio at probably noticed that the URL would redirect them to the Base14 Blog. This is because what was a stunning accomplishment of amateur web design and development when it was launched in 2005 had long outlasted its welcome and needed to be replaced. The site was a pit of stagnation, featuring videos and illustrations way below my current abilities and being far too much trouble to update. What was needed was a complete redesign, and while I had been toying with some fancy flash interfaces since 2008, it was all asking for more trouble than it was worth.

But with my name getting around in the festival circuit and employment opportunities looming, I realized that I needed something that could at the very least show my demo reel and link to my resume. So I went back to the drawing board and designed something that would be clean, neat and super, super simple. Presenting: TJK Homepage 3.0.

While designing the mockup took a few days, coding the site itself only took one evening. The entire site is very simple, but effective. And it was actually pretty fun to make. I may be out of the professional web development industry, but few things make me happier than some sharp, clean and efficient CSS code.

P.S. The first item in my reel is a piece of rough animation from The Girl and the Fox. Be excited!