Tutorial: Painting Hand-Draw Animation

Here’s the second installment of our “making of” tutorial series for “The Girl and the Fox.” Since I covered hand-drawn animation last week, it seemed logical to show the next step in the process: how we paint the finished animation. This step was typically handled by an entirely separate team from the animators, and is much more focused on quality of line than quality of motion. The video also shows the unique methods we used to get the “contourless” style seen throughout the film. It’s a very specific technique that’s custom-tailored to Adobe Flash, and works surprisingly well.

» Download the tutorial files right here

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Tutorial: Hand-Drawn Animation in Flash

So in an effort to promote the upcoming online release of “The Girl and the Fox” and provide some context as to how the film was made, we’ve launched our first “making-of” tutorial for “The Girl and the Fox.”  This one is all about our process for creating hand-drawn animation using Adobe Flash. It’s been over TWO YEARS since our last YouTube tutorial so I hope everyone waiting for some more Base14 secrets can now rest easy. Below you’ll find the link to download the Flash files (CS5 version). Enjoy!

» Download the tutorial files right here

‘Girl and the Fox’ Premieres Online June 4th!

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! The online premiere of “The Girl and the Fox” has been set for June 4th, 2012. Look for it on Vimeo and YouTube.

A lot is going into preparations for the online premiere. The entire film is being remastered in 32-bit color, animating and compositing are getting some touch-ups, and an entirely new musical score has been written just for this version! We’ll also be releasing some “Behind the Scenes” tutorials on YouTube to give fans a better idea of how the film was made.

So mark your calendars! It’s going to be an exciting month!

2D Animation Compositing in After Effects

Happy Holidays from all of us at Base14! As a special gift to our Internet friends, I’ve created something special for anyone stuck at home this season in need of something to do. Why not brush up on your After Effects skills? Presenting the latest Base14 Tutorial: “2D Animation Compositing in After Effects.”

» Download the tutorial files right here.

This is a popular tutorial I have done for some workshops at SCAD and I have been getting requests on my YouTube Channel for some sort of follow-up to my 2D Character Animation tutorials. This video goes into detail on how to properly export character animation from Flash and import it into After Effects to combine with background and foreground elements. It also gives a handy trick of how to duplicate a character animation clip to make a convincing shadow.

Anyone who’s interested in digital animation should find it useful. Enjoy!

Adobe Mentor: Flash CS4

Flash CS4Tonight was the first Adobe Mentor Workshop sponsored by SCAD’s Contemporary Animation Society and taught by yours truly! It went really well and I want to thank everyone who attended! Look for more Adobe Mentor Workshops in the future! Thanks again everyone!

» Download the Basic Tutorial Files
» Download the Advanced Tutorial Files

Character Animation Tutorial – Part 3

In the third installment of our character animation series, I walk you through the basics of using onion skinning to create frame by frame animation in Adobe Flash. I also touch on my personal workspace setup preferences and how I use guide layers to help develop key poses. Oh, and you can download the .fla right here. Enjoy!

Character Animation Tutorial – Part 2

In what might be a weekly series, I present part 2 of “2D Character Animation in Adobe Flash.” Today’s lesson takes our 2D character we rigged last time and demonstrates how to apply some basic principles of animation via tweening techniques. This includes easing, squash & stretch, anticipation and overlapping action. Most of these methods I developed while animating Biological Warfare Ain’t Easy and Ara, and effectively standardized during production of Duck ♥ Teslacoil. I think this tutorial comes off better than the last one. And since I can’t seem to get the HD to work on YouTube, In addition to the HD video stream available on YouTube, I’ve packaged a high-res version of the video along with the .fla tutorial file. Download it right here.

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