Coyote Song

Time for some recap. Coyote Song is a mini collection that I put together in September, 2011. Originally inspired by the song from The Seedy Seeds, it was how I made my transition between undergrad and grad. “I’m not afraid of what you got… singin’ your coyote song.” I used natural dyes made from materials found within walking distance of my studio and rust that had accumulated within the dye lab, allowing me to fully bond with the new environment I was living in. I used a shibori technique on crepe silk to emulate rock landscapes and kept the designs casual with a touch of sass. The accessories (including this clutch) are made out of the same tree stump that was used for dye. Serene, right? See the full set of looks here.

Here Comes Summer

Here’s to a season full of secret, shady hollows and toes in cool creeks. Images from my recent Spring/Summer collection, “Stay With Me, Go Places.” Photography by Jane Hahn.

That’s a Wrap

Last Saturday’s fashion show went off without any mishaps. I couldn’t be happier with the performance of my beautiful models and with the help from my incredibly talented assistant, Tyler Dillon.

Even though the show is over I still have some wrap-up to do. In the coming weeks I will be doing a proper photo shoot of the clothes for your viewing pleasure. Also, I still need to decide which products to produce for sale. See anything you would like to buy? Let me know and I can make it happen. One-off tote bags and jewelry are already available for sale by emailing me at

To view the entire collection from show day click here. I still can’t believe it’s already over! I’m going to miss my models so much.

The Purdue Fashion Show

Today is the Purdue Fashion show! Right now I am backstage getting my gorgeous models ready to go. My collection that will show today, “Stay with me, go places” is a homage to my Midwestern roots and everything I love about my past. It features hand dyed organic fabrics, silk screened topographic maps, illustrations of plants from field guides, and a whole lot of vintage boyscout equipment.

If you didn’t get tickets to today’s show, no worries. There will be pictures posted online in the weeks to come. If you are at the show right now reading this, thanks for visiting the site! And a special thanks to all my fantastic models and all of my friends and family for their support leading up to today.

1,2,3… Showtime!

Some Kissies for You!

It’s been one year now since I first introduced the “Kissy Kiss” necklace. To celebrate this significant anniversary, I am now happily offering it for sale! After all, ’tis the season for little tiny kisses and big time lovin’. Each eensey person (only 7/8″ tall) is handmade out of clay, painted and glazed. Because every piece is made individually, each necklace is unique. You can get your own little pair of lovers for only $40 USD, but make sure to hurry because this production run is as tiny as these cuties!

Senior Collection Update #1

Here’s another look from my current collection that’s coming out in April. This is the companion to the men’s look shown in my previous post. Sarah is wearing a linen scoopneck shirt with back zip leather shorts and a vintage Boyscout pocket knife necklace.

Yeah, It’s Kinda Like That

Riddle-me-ree: What keeps this blogger so busy?

Answer: My senior collection!

But here for Base14 readers only is a tasty little taste of what is coming in April. My handsome gent, Rob is looking fly in a linen button-down and leather shorts.

“Leather shorts, did she say?”

Yes, leather shorts.

That’s not all. This collection is an adventure into the land of textiles. Pieces are hand dyed and printed. Even the fabrics themselves lend to the mood, with everything from soy to hemp to organic cotton getting in on this fashion action. Look for more progress updates in coming posts. Most importantly, make sure to keep April 2nd free so you can attend the Annual Purdue Fashion Show and see these garments in person.