Our Greatest Export: Culture

While I spend the large majority of my time these days making animated films, Alysha has really been broadening her range of expertise. Why, just this morning she was featured on the Purdue University website as one of five “Purdue Culture Makers.” Wow!

The entire series is about showing how smart and creative the students at Purdue can be, and of course Alysha was a perfect candidate for such a profile. In the article she discusses why she chose the Purdue Apparel Design program, what has inspired her during her education, her big senior collection due out this Spring and her ambitions for the future. She even gives a very nice plug for Base14, which includes a link to us right from the web page! That’s better publicity than I got during my four years in West Lafayette! Also, if you look closely at the main photo, Alysha is sporting the amazing ceramic ring she made of Baru from “The Girl and the Fox.” That’s proof of the symbiosis that Alysha and I have between our creative endeavors. As she says in the article: “His creativity inspires mine and vice versa.”

We’re always better together, sis! Congratulations on the write-up and keep that culture coming!

Base14 Shirts Have Arrived

Base14 logo tees are now up sale! That’s right, I’ve been reading your wish book again. This tee features the classic Base14 logo in white and orange on a yummy Hanes 50/50 cotton/poly blend shirt. Sizes available are Small-XL. See our size chart. There are limited quantities of these beauties so I suggest you take a hammer to that piggy bank and buy one. They’re only $10 so how can you possibly say no?

A big thanks to my beautiful model May. I really wish she would come to visit me more often.

“Base14 Logo Tee” Sold by PayPal

$10.00 USD


Sneaky Peak

My work in apparel design has been culminating toward one huge final project; the senior collection. We practically just started school and yet the madness has already begun. All of my designs are planned and nearly all of the fabrics have been sourced. All that remains for the next seven months is to construct the garments. But here for your Base14 enjoyment is a sneaky little peak at some of my sketches. Tantalized yet?

Hello, World!

I am proud to announce that I now have my own website! Tyler was awesome enough to get me the domain name and to lay down the html structure. I like to think I’ve got enough know-how to keep it updated, but you know how we designers are. I recommend you take a stroll over to it and check out my online portfolio. I will be updating it as I finish garments from my current collection. Enjoy!


Girl, Where You Been?

Sorry everyone, but it turns out that I am very bad at maintaining a life/blog balance. I have been so busy working on cool things that I forgot to share them with you!

Since Tyler has started to release character designs, I can finally post pictures of my favorite new ring.  Based on a character from The Girl and the Fox, this clay figurine is a loveable little scamp that is sure to charm his way into your heart and attract attention. Seriously, what’s better than having a little snow fox friend with you all day?

What do you think? Want to see him for sale on Base14 merch?

Silverpress Love

In early January, the apparel division of Base14 made an extravagant purchase. Ever since, I have been itching to play with my new four color silkscreen press. We have a lot of shirt ideas piling up on our product list, but nothing seemed worthy of the first run off this new press. Fortunately, Tyler gave me my first assignment and it was a big one! (Crew shirts for The Girl and the Fox.) After much debate over the design and what line thickness we could print with the new screens, Tyler finalized the design and I was off to the races. After printing the nearly 50 shirts I was completely in love with our new setup. More importantly, the shirts look fantastic!

Well that was easy. What should I print next?

Oh, You Tease

I know that all of you have been waiting in breathless anticipation to see my line for this year become reality. Unfortunately for you, you’re going to have to wait a little longer to see it all put together. But for the time being, here is a taste of what’s to come. This year’s jeans don’t only work with chunky knits and wool coats, they also look great paired with a Base14 logo tee! (To be fair, I can’t imagine anything not looking great on these two gorgeous models.) If you can’t wait to see the real deal in action (I know I can’t) then make sure to get your tickets for the annual Purdue Fashion show on April 10th.