Hello, World!

I am proud to announce that I now have my own website! Tyler was awesome enough to get me the domain name and to lay down the html structure. I like to think I’ve got enough know-how to keep it updated, but you know how we designers are. I recommend you take a stroll over to it and check out my online portfolio. I will be updating it as I finish garments from my current collection. Enjoy!


TJK Homepage 3.0 Has Arrived

TJK Homepage 3.0

Since July, anyone trying to access my online portfolio at www.tylerkupferer.com probably noticed that the URL would redirect them to the Base14 Blog. This is because what was a stunning accomplishment of amateur web design and development when it was launched in 2005 had long outlasted its welcome and needed to be replaced. The site was a pit of stagnation, featuring videos and illustrations way below my current abilities and being far too much trouble to update. What was needed was a complete redesign, and while I had been toying with some fancy flash interfaces since 2008, it was all asking for more trouble than it was worth.

But with my name getting around in the festival circuit and employment opportunities looming, I realized that I needed something that could at the very least show my demo reel and link to my resume. So I went back to the drawing board and designed something that would be clean, neat and super, super simple. Presenting: TJK Homepage 3.0.

While designing the mockup took a few days, coding the site itself only took one evening. The entire site is very simple, but effective. And it was actually pretty fun to make. I may be out of the professional web development industry, but few things make me happier than some sharp, clean and efficient CSS code.

P.S. The first item in my reel is a piece of rough animation from The Girl and the Fox. Be excited!

So Long, Vista

Microsoft made some interesting moves earlier this week, first by offering free upgrades for consumers buying Vista-equipped computers from now until the Oct. 22nd Windows 7 release, and then by slashing the price of Windows 7 upgrade pre-orders on Amazon.com in half. Apparently it has generated a bit of excitement, as Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional surged to the top one and two software spots on Amazon, respectively.

Anyhow, now that Windows Vista is living out its final days, I thought it was a good time to publish this comic. I’d like to think this is the start of a very nice series of summer comics, since they were so neglected all Spring as I finished Duck ♥ Teslacoil. If my classes stay as mellow as they’ve been going, it probably will be.

This program has performed an illegal operation.

Munk: A Game of Skill

Well, while the Base14 movie division is seeding the foundations of some new projects and the development division is working some other odd jobs, I thought now would be a good time to pull an oldie from the Base14 time capsule. So today we present to you a real gem: Munk. It is, to put it simply, a game of skill. Actually, it’s a Flash game created by myself and Rick DeSutter. The player takes on the role of Munk the chipmunk, who must quickly collect enough acorns to make it through the winter. Problem is: acorns can grow awfully high up! Click the link and have a go at our little game. If you reach the 200th acorn, things get very interesting. Enjoy!

Play the Munk Flash Game