“Girl and the Fox” East Coast TV Premiere!


So remember a year ago when Base14 had a huge rally to be featured on WNET 13 in New York? We came so very close to winning the voting contest, but missed it by a millimeter. Well, justice returns, because “The Girl and the Fox” will be playing on that very station as part of the KQED Film School Shorts programming block, tonight at 10:30pm. The same showcase has actually been playing on other PBS stations across the country as well. So check your local listings and maybe it’ll be coming to a station near you too!

Girl and the Fox Gets Distribution, Other News


Time for a Base14 news roundup! We’re proud to finally announce that after two years in the film festival circuit, “The Girl and the Fox” has been picked up for television distribution in the United States! What that means is that our distributor will be able to grant television stations, video-on-demand and streaming services the right to air TGTF on their networks. There was once a time when this meant EVERYTHING to a indie film, before the Internet revolution. Today we have many ways of getting our film seen, but the recognition and support of a professional distributor is something we take with great pride. We’ll pass along airing information about the film as we come upon it in the future.

In other news, the company has been featured in two online articles recently that we wanted to highlight. Just this week, Alysha and I were featured on the Purdue Innovation and Commercialization Center website. It’s a site dedicated to Purdue University staff and alumni that have found success as entrepreneurs, inventors or artists. The profile chronicles the origins of Base14 and how Purdue fueled the success of the company for both of us, albeit in very different ways.

Secondly we wanted to highlight “The Girl and the Fox” being featured on studentanimations.com. Alongside the embedded film, it’s got a nice summary of the stats of the production. Here’s the article.

Lastly, as we celebrate the two-year anniversary of our world premiere for “The Girl and the Fox” this month, we want to mention that TGTF is still getting into festivals around the world. Just this month it screened at the Ashland Film Festival in Oregon, the Reel 2 Real Film Festival in Vancouver, and has upcoming screenings at the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival and all the way over in the Czech Republic. We’re amazed by the enduring love people have shown for the film and the continued requests for it to screen at festivals of all types.

Tyler Joins Walt Disney Animation Studios


So things have been pretty quiet this winter on the Base14 Blog, but that’s all with good reason. Those of you that follow my personal Twitter account know this already, but I was recently recruited by Walt Disney Animation Studios to work in the Layout Department on their upcoming feature film “Frozen.” After many years of working on animated shorts, the chance to work on a feature was very exciting. So I’m happy to report that I’ve settled in at the studio and am thrilled to be involved in such a rich legacy of animated filmmaking.

The best part is that Base14 isn’t going anywhere. I can still manage the company in my spare time, so we’ll continue our role as a producer of original animated content. “The Girl and the Fox” still has a handful of screenings planned for 2013, and our next short film “Rain Dance” is in the final stages of post-production. The released date had to be delayed from 2012 to 2013 because of a slowed-down production process, but rest assured the film is still on a path to completion. It can then pick up a festival run right where “The Girl and the Fox” left off, so we’re very happy to have new content to share with many of our old, familiar audiences.

I apologize for the lapse in posts, but it’s been a crazy few months transitioning to my new roles and responsibilities. Rest assured all news about Base14 films will continue to be posted right here on Base14.com! And remember you can track our blog updates on our Twitter and Facebook Pages as well. Thanks to all our fans to their continued support!

-Tyler J. Kupferer
President, Base14

Base14 Among “100 Animation Sites To Know”

Base14 was ranked 85 out of “100 Animation Sites You Need To Know” last week on the website AnimationCareerReview.com! The website, which is an online resource for aspiring artists in the animation industry, lauded our site for offering ” a unique chance to take a look at an animation studio from the inside.” Glad to know the effort is appreciated, friends.

I suppose this would be a good time to point out the obvious. Over the past three years, Base14 has coalesced into an animation-centric company. It’s far and above the best type of work we put out, and with “Rain Dance” being released in the near future, it’s likely we’ll continue to build our brand as an animation studio. What would you like to see more of on Base14.com? Behind-the-scenes artwork? More tutorials? A web series? Let us know!

Short of the Week and Other Blogosphere Hits

It’s been a good three days for “The Girl and the Fox”. We’ve been featured on a boatload more blogs and websites, including The Curious Brain, Film School Rejects, i09, and one of my very favorites, Short of the Week. The good folks at SotW touched on what really makes TGTF strong:

“…for many animators—especially those behind short films—the medium becomes a celebration of speaking with one’s pictures. Story through action, emotion through motion. So is the case with Base14’s The Girl and the Fox, a lyrical, dialogue-free fairy tale that is as easily accessible as it is deep.”

Here’s a round-up of other blog mentions and my favorite lines from select articles.

“This short, silent fairy tale illustrates the more tender side of the state of nature, and the animation thoroughly evokes a story book come to life.”

Film School Rejects
“Pay close attention to the outstanding lighting design in this animated short from Base14. It’s a combination of exaggeratedly detailed backgrounds and comic-strip-simple characters, but even beyond the beauty, the real joy is the story.”

“I have to admit to being rather surprised to discover that they are based in Los Angeles as to me The Girl and the Fox had a much more European feel to it – perhaps because of the costumes the characters wear  it felt very much like an Old World fable.”

The San Francisco Egotist
“This film has been nominated and awarded all over the place. It won’t take long for you to see why.”

Forbidden Planet
“…the fox turns out to be rather handsome, with a wonderfully bushy tail and she’s not sure she can bring herself to harm him – but if she doesn’t what will happen between human girl and fox?”

The Curious Brain

Parka Blogs


Arte y Animación

Cold Hard Flash


Dooby Brain

Update: I almost forgot, we were also featured on the central hub of Vimeo itself, as part of the Vimeo Staff picks. Thanks Vimeo!

‘The Girl and the Fox’ Launches Online

Last night amid a flurry of tweets and status updates, “The Girl and the Fox” went live on Vimeo and Youtube! We’re already off to a great start across the blogosphere, with mentions on Coldhardflash.com and Kuriositas.com. Our next big goal is to get featured on Short of the Week, and you can help us do that by voting for the film did a great job voting! We made it!

Did you know we’re still showing in theaters, too? It’s true. We’ve got big appearances coming up at the Nantucket Film Festival at the end of this month and the Toronto Animation Arts Festival International in July. In fact, I believe that’s TGTF on the front page! Head on over to girlandthefox.com/festivals for the complete literary.

Thanks again to everyone that helped create, promote and support the film. It means the world to this small studio. We hope we’ll mean something special to the world.

T-Minus 24 Hours and Counting…

It’s almost here… are you ready? The official online premiere of “The Girl and the Fox” is less than a day away now, and everyone here at Base14 is pretty stoked. Here’s a wrap-up of all the great things that have kept us busy leading up to the premiere:

That’s all for now! Check back on Monday bright and early for the big premiere!!!