A (Nearly) Photo Finish

Well, Wednesday was stressful. In a major push to try to overtake the leader in the REEL 13 competition on Wednesday morning (who was ahead by 250 votes), we pulled out all the stops and got the help of the SCAD Twitter account and many, many avid Base14 supporters on Facebook. While we did an amazing job of catching up to them, and finished with a whopping 751 votes by the end of the day.

Well, sad to say despite our best efforts we still came in second with only 3 votes behind. Three votes!!! Despite the bummer fact that we won’t be featured on Public Television and got no prize money, the event still brought a great deal more exposure to “The Girl and the Fox” and proved how supportive our fan base can be. Thanks to everyone that supported us, it was a fun ride and we look forward to many crazy contests to come!