Ara: Newsiness

Sweet beans! While I was visiting home this weekend, I found a copy of the Fall 2008 Purdue Technology Magazine, featuring moi in the Student Involvement section. Looks like “Ara” is still making a few headlines these days. Maybe we can use this to help push it into imdb, eh? C’mon Amazon, I buy your books all the time. Why not do me a favor?

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Projected Winner

How did everyone’s election night turn out? Man, it was like New Years, Christmas and the Fourth of July smashed together in a flurry of numbing statistical figures and political pundits. Well, here’s my little salute of such a historical night.

No Recount Needed.

JDay 2008, Baby!

i can haz n-desinez?Welcome, young journalists! Another brilliant High School JDay is upon us! And what better way to celebrate than our very own HS JDay 2008 Advanced InDesign Website! Too cool! Once you’re there, don’t forget to take the survey! And if you get bored, why not browse the rest of I wouldn’t mind. ;)


Junior High J-Day

It’s a good day in the world of journalism education! Today I drove to Ball State University for Junior High J-Day, sponsored by the Ball State Journalism Department. I taught two seminars: “Where’d My Feet Go?” and “Dilbert Would Be Proud.” It was a ton of fun. Both slideshows can be found right here:

Where’d My Feet Go 2007

Dilbert Would Be Proud 2007

Junior High J-Day