“The Girl and the Fox” Online Trailer Debuts

It’s been a long month. We’ve now up to over 50 corrections made on “The Girl and the Fox” and we’ve still got several more to go before the year is up. But considering how far the aesthetic and quality of the film has progressed in the last 30 days, I felt it was finally time to share some of the finished footage with the world. So, as our holiday gift to fans everywhere, we would like to officially announce the release of the online trailer for the 2011 film “The Girl and the Fox.”

The trailer sticks mostly to Ilona, our protagonist, and the earlier parts of the film as she enters the forest. Only at the end does it offer a small glimpse of our supporting character, Baru the fox. Nearly half the film features Baru, actually, but to maintain an air of mystery and hide the progression of events throughout the film, we’ve omitted all his scenes. Still, this trailer shows a lot of whats been done with lighting, colors and particle systems, and how all the shots are beginning to work together.

The film will be finished in the first half of January, so even though it’s been a work in progress since September 2009, it will be a year 2011 film. This will bode well for its festival run, though, since it won’t already feel outdated with a late 2010 stamp. We plan on submitting it to all the previous festivals we ran “Duck Heart Teslacoil” through, plus a swath of other festivals we feel this film may also suit. Once it starts getting accepted, we’ll bring back the “Tour” tab on the website to list out all the film’s showings throughout the year. This one is not going online anytime soon, so hopefully people in every region will get a chance to see it on the big screen!