I’m thrilled to announce that Base14’s next big film, “Ara,” has officially entered the production stage of development! After months of story and script development, the crew wrapped up the first round of voice acting this afternoon using a custom built sound booth in my very own apartment.

Chief audio technician Rick DeSutter helped me construct a make-shift booth in what used to be my pantry. We ran cables from a filtered mic to a soundboard, then through an external sound card hooked up to my computer. From there signal was captured via Adobe Soundbooth and saved in anticipation of the film animatic. By far this was the most advanced audio production setup the company has ever devised. It was extremely rewarding to see a bit of extra effort go a long way to improving sound quality.

Rick and our actors Kim, Shauvon and Andrew were all a pleasure to work with, and we’re all planning on bring the performers back together in January to do a second run. By then all the wrinkles in the timing, tone and mood will be ironed out and all voices finalized. And maybe I’ll remember to take some pictures while the others are still around.

soundcheck01.jpg soundcheck02.jpg