So Long, Purdue. Hello Savannah!

As the wise Rafiki once so eloquently put it “Ahhh. Change is good.” And here at Base14 we couldn’t agree more. Change is a strong theme for the company today as I, Tyler, officially graduated from Purdue University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Graphics Technology. Thanks Purdue! Now it’s on to bigger and better things down in Savannah, Georgia where I’ll be attending Savannah College of Art and Design for a Master’s Degree in Film and Television. This can only mean good things for Base14, as my newfound skills in directing and producing will undoubtedly lead to continuously better film productions. Of course we here at Base14 would like to thank all our fans and supporters during our stint here in West Lafayette, and encourage you to keep in touch. Purdue will always be recognized as the spark that gave life to the multimedia development diversity of Base14.

Commencement 08