Savannah Film Festival 2010

As you all may be aware of by now, I love film festivals. I love the films, the people, the excitement… the prizes. There’s just so much to enjoy. So, it was an interesting dilemma I found myself in when I realized the Savannah Film Festival was coming up this Fall, and I don’t have any films in it! Last year we saw my film “Duck Heart Teslacoil” entertain the masses as part of the SFF student block, but this year “The Girl and the Fox” wasn’t ready before the submission deadline, leaving me with no all-access director’s pass. Refusing to give up the high life I enjoyed last year, I applied to serve as a student blogger for the Savannah Film Festival website, which would include another shiny all-access media pass for the entire week.

And bingo! I got the gig (hopefully thanks in part to my large amount of experience blogging here at Base14.) So for the next month, I’ll be churning out blog posts not only for Base14 but also the “Voices of the Fest” section of the SFF website. Go ahead and check out my first post published today!

I’ve also opened up my personal Twitter account with plans to use it as a stream of updates for my blog presence at the festival. This way people can know where I am and what I’m doing instantaneously throughout the week. So join up and follow along as I take you on a private tour of the entire festival! Should one helluva ride!