News Round-Up

Happy May Day folks! I thought I’d take a moment to pause from whatever one is supposed to do on May Day to dish out some leftovers from the past two weeks. It’s all the news that’s fit to print when bunched together in one big super-post!

First off, Duck ♥ Teslacoil got some press this past week after its world premiere at the Digital Cinema Contest Award Ceremony. The site LafayetteOnline featured the results of the contest and not only mentioned DHT, but also provided a direct link to our blog! Update: We were also mentioned in a Purdue News press release which basically said the same thing. Actually to be fair, I think it came first.

Secondly, there’s been a bit of new animation I’ve been pumping out for my 2D Character Animation I class here at SCAD. In Character Animation I, emphasis is put on designing strong character key positions, mapping breakdown positions and interpolating character inbetweens quickly and on model. There’s a head turn we did based on Mushu from Mulan, a take with some generic dude no one’s heard of, and then most exciting of all is the weighted object assignment where we could chose who to animate. Of course, I went with my favorite, Donald Duck. Donald was not an easy character to draw or position, believe me, but I think it turned out good enough for a first try. And it was kinda cool to be animating my childhood idol. Thanks, Don!