Meet Ara

Ara Final Style Design Well, our animated film “Ara” continues to develop at a healthy pace. This week the team put our heads together and refined the artistic illustration style for the film. Our ideas were influenced by modern television cartoon series, most notably the “Star Wars: Clone Wars” television series. What we ended up with is a hybrid of those styles and a bit of my own natural cartooning style. You can see the result, and the final design for the main protagonist Ara, on the right.

Spending time developing the style was important because I didn’t want this film to look too much like what I’ve done before, nor did I want it to look too much like anything else in pop culture. A unique artistic style will help the film stand out and be memorable. Also, as some of the animation will be divided among other animators, it’s critical we have a set standard.

Well, back to final character design and animatic production. More updates to come!