Feelin’ Good About New Festival Dates!

FGFF 2011 Banner

Our screenings in Indy wrapped up this week so it’s time to start getting excited about a whole new slew of festival appearances coming up in the next few months! “The Girl and the Fox” is being accepted like hotcakes to festivals around the globe (and remember you can always keep track of all the dates on the tour page). Here’s the latest announcements:

Feel Good Film Festival
Another festival that Base14 has been featured in before, the FGFF is the most upbeat, friendly film festival there is and we’re proud to be the opening film of 2011!
8/12/11  – 8:00pm – Hollywood, CA

Landlocked Film Festival
Each year thousands of audience members gather in Iowa City’s historic downtown to watch diverse films at Landlocked, attracting great talent and culture to the heart of the country.
8/25/11 – 8/28/11 – TBA – Iowa City, IA

Prix Ars Electronica
A large festival for art, technology and society, Prix Ars Electronica hosts an animation festival that showcases outstanding work from around the world.
9/1/11  – 10:00am – Linz, Austria

San Francisco International Festival of Short Films
From the website: “SF Shorts is about grabbing someone by the eyeballs and making them think, feel and react. SF Shorts proves that entertainment can have human value.”
9/8/11 – 9/10/11 – TBA – San Francisco, CA

Naperville Independent Film Festival
The premiere independent film event of Naperville, IL, this festival attracts lots of top notch film and talent to what is known as one of the most livable cities in the USA.
9/22/11 – 7:00pm – Naperville, IL