Farewell, Savannah Film Festival

Yesterday marked the end of the Savannah Film Festival, and it was nothing less than spectacular! Duck Heart Teslacoil got a terrific reception at it’s screenings Monday and Friday, and we made several new friends and fans. We even had an exclusive interview in the Connect Savannah magazine.

Since I live right here in Savannah, I got a filmmaker pass that allowed me access to every screening, panel and reception, and took full advantage of it! It was an exhilarating week of meeting, greeting, screening, wining, dining and inspiration. Although I barely even attended my classes and did virtually no homework, I feel like the entire festival was a much-needed boost of filmmaking mojo that’ll pump me up for the next few long months of producing our next short film.

Also, I should announce that Duck Heart Teslacoil has been accepted to the Anchorage International Film Festival. Although I always have wanted to visit Alaska, I doubt this December will be the ideal time to make it happen. Still, it’s a fast-growing, trendy festival and we’re thrilled to be a part of it!