Character Animation Tutorial – Part 1

I’ve been wanting to get into the free tutorial business for a while now, and while my well-documented robot instructions were a nice beginning, our company is probably better suited toward software tutorials. So today we get our feet wet with Part 1 of “2D Character Animation in Adobe Flash,” featuring the lovable Duck from our upcoming animated short film Duck ♥ Teslacoil. The tutorial assumes the user has basic operating knowledge of Flash symbols and tweening. And even if you’re still new to how Flash works, I keep it pretty straightforward. If you’d like to follow along at home or in the lab, you can download the corresponding .fla right here.

I’m wrestling with YouTube right now to get an HD version of the tutorial up and running. The site is mysteriously vague on how to feature HD videos… probably to keep their servers from being swamped with five thousand HD videos of cats sneezing. Update: HD version is now live!

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