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Uh, oh. Another cheesy pun comic. It can only mean one thing: college crunch time!



Beowulf Reloaded


With the worldwide release of the Beowulf movie this weekend, I thought it was a perfect chance to resurrect the first “Base14 Classic.” Presenting “Beowulf Reloaded,” our company’s first big hit!

Produced all the way back in 2003, “Beowulf Reloaded” began as a English class project and wound up taking over a month to film and edit. The movie was met with great enthusiasm and was a huge catalyst to additional movie projects in the coming year. It is a bit primitive compared to the work we’re doing now, but it’s an important testament to our filmmaking roots. It’s also worth noting that “Beowulf Reloaded” still holds the record for longest running-time of any Base14 production at 18:24! Yowzar!

And now for the first time ever, “Beowulf Reloaded” is viewable online. So if you’ve got 18 minutes to burn, head on over to Base14tv, scroll down to the bottom of the library, and have a look at the classic movie “Beowulf Reloaded.” It’s an enduring statement to what can happen when you’re stuck in high school with way too much free time on your hands.

Good Publicity

So the Purdue Chapter of ACM Siggraph recently had one killer event, featuring speaker Paul Debevec and the 2007 Siggraph Electronic Theater in HD. In order to prepare, we did quite a bit of advertising, including a pretty dedicated flyer campaign. Anyway, you can view the results below. ;)

Oh, and if you haven’t seen Base14tv yet, stop everything and check it out.

Good Publicity

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Base14tv (beta) Logo

Finally, the long wait is over! Announcing the beta release of Base14tv, a custom-designed video browser built right into the Base14 website! Base14tv is designed to make viewing our past work here at Base14 easy and enjoyable. We harness the powerful Flash video format, organize it with XML and deliver it with a slick Flash interface complete with scrubbablity, library browsing and fullscreen mode! Check it out now!
Base14tv beta currently features six of our most popular videos:

  • Biological Warfare Ain’t Easy: The Theatrical Trailer
  • Biological Warfare Ain’t Easy: A Rightfield Movie (Extended Edition Director’s Cut)
  • EMV Introduction Video 2007
  • Tide & Punishment
  • A Cold Day Production
  • Teen J-Squad

And that won’t be all! As time goes on, we’ll periodically dip into our video archives and add other classic works to Base14tv! It’ll only get more interesting from here!

Now we do admit it’s still in beta, so you’ll notice some quirks. Please feel free to report any issues you find as comments to this post. The more feedback we get, the better we can make Base14tv!

Location, Location, Location

I must admit, I can’t take all the “credit” for this one. Alysha thought of the punchline. And remember that cool thing I promised last week? It’s still coming. Just bare with us. :)

Location, Location, Location

At least they’re getting fresh air.


Well, the comic this week is a bit light for the reasons illustrated. I shouldn’t be making promises to make it up to you with cooler things to come, but I promise you there are some really cool things to come. Soon. ;P