A Dangerous Combination

While posting today’s comic, I would just like to remind everyone that Base14 now has our own Twitter feed! If you love tweeting about, be sure to take follow of every new move the company makes. Oh, and watch out there, Midwest. I understand something called snow is whirling about. We’ve never heard of that here in Savannah.

Clueless as we came?

The Gauntlet

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I’ve been trying to release new comics on Fridays, but since this one is holiday-related, I thought I could deliver it a day earlier. In hindsight, I find it odd I wrote a Thanksgiving comic with no reference to turkeys… because those are dang funny birds. Ah, well… enjoy!

“Look at you, you’re nothing but skin and bones! Better make that four.”

Bailout, Please!

I can’t stop reading the news these days. It’s just too readily available. So naturally many of my ideas pop out of what’s going down in Washington. This comic has a lot of Rightfield in it… in the character’s poses and expressions. That and the kid looks an awful like a young version of “The Guy Who Comes to Every Meeting but Never Contributes Anything” from this Rightfield strip. Haha, I love that.

Looks like no enchiritos today.

Projected Winner

How did everyone’s election night turn out? Man, it was like New Years, Christmas and the Fourth of July smashed together in a flurry of numbing statistical figures and political pundits. Well, here’s my little salute of such a historical night.

No Recount Needed.

Back to School

Could it be? The triumphant return of Base14 Comics? Well, it was supposed to be. Three weeks ago.

Now that I’m a grad student happily nestled in Savannah, the plan was to begin publishing a weekly comic in the student newspaper, The District. But the comic was pushed back from the first issue to the second, then to the third, and now I’ve gotten word that this week will be the last printed edition of The District ever. Looks like this syndicated strip got canceled before it ever got published! Ah well. Below is the one and only strip of Base14 Comics that was meant for The District, but didn’t make it out. Naturally, it’s meant for a bit earlier release than the end of September.

Back to School

New Ventures

I really need to consider moving my day for comics to something other than Monday, because these days Mondays always seem to get very busy for me. Good thing Alysha had a post for us! (Everyone wish her a warm and happy welcome, won’t you?) This comic was finished after Alysha’s post above, but had I done it on time she’d have been on top. So we’ll let her keep her limelight. :)

New Ventures

Time Off

Well, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I considered doing a comic with some kind of deeply moving, insightful statement on racial and civil rights issues. But I think I need to read To Kill A Mockingbird a few more times before I’m that intelligent. So here’s a joke pondering why schools get the day off in the first place. Whee!

Time Off

I had a dream…